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Flávia Dini

Wonderful, I wanted to live on this food ... or it would be this affection. Feeling energized! Thank you so much, Vanessa!


Flávia Dini

Maravilhoso, queria viver dessa comida... ou seria desse carinho. Sentindo-me energizada! Muito obrigada, Vanessa!


Andrea Ribeiro

Vanessa, thanks for the rich experience and the best was the gain in health, well-being and weight loss. They were incredible sensations of smells, flavors and emotions.


Denise Vianna

Thank you for caring. It is so nice to see someone who loves what they do. The result is always wonderful.


fatima nogueira.JPG

Fátima Nogueira

Vanessa, eu amei! Simplesmente incrível a seleção de pratos, muito apetitoso e saudável e ainda perdi 2.5kg.

Obrigada pela experiência!


Elaine Rossini

With you Vanessa I was able to eat for the first time because I felt hungry and not on impulse.
I felt the pleasures of flavor and aromas and above all the effect of food on my body.
Awareness is my biggest gain with your food care.
Thank you so much 🙏

Elaine Rossini.jpg

Elaine Rossini

Com você Vanessa eu pude pela primeira vez comer porque senti fome e não por impulso.
Senti o prazeres do sabor e dos aromas e acima de tudo o efeito do alimento no meu corpo.
Conscientização é o meu maior ganho com os seus cuidados alimentares.
Muito obrigada 🙏

Ana Paula Dini.jpg

Ana Paula Dini

Vanessa, the experience involved affection, health, energy and a great desire to live on it! Living on this nourishing food that invites us to look more at ourselves.
I lost weight, got rid of an allergic process that I had been fighting for weeks and fell in love with this cuisine.
I went to the market and bought all your spices, maybe I can't reproduce all the love I received, for a little while longer.


Fabiana Garcia

Here is my record with this wonderful experience of colors and flavors.
I started the detox and my intestines worked like never before. I felt a total difference and in the sequence I started a fasting protocol and there were 4 kilos.
Very happy and grateful for the gain in health and self-knowledge!

marisa bm.jpg

Marisa Santos

Querida Vanessa que privilégio poder usufruir de seus conhecimentos culinários e Técnicos  na linha Ayurvédica. 
Alimentação super elaborada com muito carinho e zelo.  Fiz 5 dias de detox e me sinto renovada.  Experiência incrível 🙌🏻. Muitíssimo obrigado pelo extremo carinho.

aluna terapias corporais

aluna terapias corporais


Adriana Romeo

Nutritionist in training, studying postgraduate courses in functional sports nutrition

Vanessa is fascinating in everything she does! I have followed her trajectory since she was a little girl, a very dear and loved sister. The rquiteta, with firm features, creative. Vanessa is not static, she turned her hobby into art, cooking into passion, and from there she never stopped ... Always with originality, from the pistachio brigadeiros came Naked cakes and Red Velvets, to haute cuisine. Give her a lemon and she will transform it into a unique marguerita, or a lemon risotto, or a delicious sourbé. Improvise, she has the gift of speech, a talent in public, which I still dream of seeing her with her own audience.

Vanessa loves yoga and becomes an instructor, she immerses herself in Ayurveda studies and today she is an Ayurvedic therapist. He completely changes his diet and today he makes vegan dishes, beautiful, colorful and full of flavor. Proud of you, manna!

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