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In this e-book you will find recipes to receive from appetizer to dessert. They are functional recipes with selected ingredients so that you can celebrate and receive your guests and family with tasty food and a lot of nutritional quality.

See how it is possible to create a menu based on functional concepts, demystifying the idea that to be tasty it is necessary to have fatty meats, white flours, saturated fats and sugar.

Before starting the recipes, separate all the ingredients in the required proportions. This procedure makes preparation much easier and you do not run the risk of missing anything, especially in the rush of everyday life. I hope you like the menu that I have selected with so much affection so that you can make the most of your party without spending hours in the kitchen or depending on frozen and processed foods.

Cooking with love will be the best gift you can offer your family.


Vegetable crudités
Dips - Muhhamara and Golden hommus
Salmon tartar with tomato salsa
Raw spinach salad with dates, figs and pomegranates
Moroccan couscous with vegetables and almonds
Cod souffle
Roasted loin with orange and gorgonzola pears
Leek quiche with zucchini
Cheese cake with berries
Panacotta with rose water with pomegranate jam

Functional Christmas dinner

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