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In this E-book you will find recipes for snacks for various occasions.

That Friday night when all you want is real pizza.

A cabbage wrap or a Vietnamese roll for a sunny Saturday and you want something fresh, easy and quick to prepare.

And Sunday, isn't it all about hamburgers? I selected a super gourmet option!

It also has functional muguets for the whole family, mainly for the joy of the children.

And during the week, I thought of some options for that afternoon snack, like a spinach muffin and fresh tuna meatballs for an extra serving of protein in the middle of the day or even as a main meal.

And as we don't have much time, but we need a gas for the gym, there are protein bars with nuts and seeds for pre or post training, and you can freeze to have your hand when you need it.

You could not miss the delicious smothies to refresh and give that extra dose of energy, with antioxidant properties, full of fibers, vitamins and minerals.

Well, there is a little bit of everything for a nutritious and healthy sanck at any time of the day for you to eat without weight on your conscience, because eating is, above all, an act of pleasure.


Tuna almonds with avocado mayonnaise
Protein bar with nuts and seeds
Chicken burger with coriander sour cream
Spinach muffin with sun-dried tomatoes
Chicken nuguets with curry sauce
Leek Pizza
Vietnamese roll
Chickpeas snack
Cabbage wrap

Functional Snacks

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