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In this e-book you will find varied recipes of pasta and functional sauces, but the idea is that you can use it creatively, multiplying the possibilities by recombining the sauces with the bases.

I prioritized "pasta" from vegetables, gluten-free gnocchi, lactose-free sauces and many vegan options, as they are all based on the concept of functional nutrition, that is, non-industrialized, natural, organic foods, without chemical additives, rich in fiber and nutrients in addition to low glycemic index.

The goal of functional gastronomy is to offer the body foods that promote well-being through cooking techniques and the combination of ingredients to improve the metabolic functions of each individual, so it is inclusive and preventive.

I hope you get your hands dirty and make all the recipes I chose with such care, as they are delicious and I'm sure you will be surprised.


Zucchini spaghetti - Arugula pesto sauce
Pumpkin spaghetti with mushrooms - Veggie cream sauce
Gluten-free chickpea spaghetti - Spring sauce
Pupunha cannelloni with ricotta - Spinach sauce
Canelone di zucca - Cauliflower bechamel sauce
Pumpkin gnocchi - Sage butter sauce
Beet gnocchi - Gorgonzola sauce
Carrot Gnocchi - Spinach and Mashed Sauce
Chicken pancake - Yam curd sauce
Zucchini papardele with smoked salmon - Basil pesto sauce
Pizza Marguerita - Tomato sauce

Pasta and Sauces to eat without guilt

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