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In this e-book I selected varied salads that can be side dishes or even a complete meal. I used leaves of different species, but you can substitute according to your preference by creating variations of the same recipe, remembering that functional gastronomy values organic ingredients so that we are free of pesticides, especially when we think of leaves and ingredients with bark. I always recommend excellent cleaning and I soak it in water with vinegar. After draining, dry the leaves well to store in the refrigerator what you will not consume. I usually put the salads in a bowl to season them very evenly, wrapping the ingredients gently only when assembling the dish and serving so that the leaves do not wilt. The freshness of the vegetables, a good seasoning and the whimsy in the assembly are the biggest secrets for a successful salad. I hope you enjoy and enjoy the whole family with these fresh, nutritious and tasty delights.


Sealed tuna with leaves and avocado
Avocado with shrimp and tomato salsa
Beetroot with orange and salted granola
Buddha Bowl
Buffalo burrata with pesto and strawberries
Raw spinach with dates and pomegranate
Kale and berries with mango sauce
Watercress salad with mango and papaya salsa

Caesar salad with coconut bacon
Mediterranean salad with salmon carpaccio

Protein salad with shitake bacon

Functional Salads

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